I'm Ross Kennedy, a London-based Narrative and Game Designer for video games and interactive fiction, as well as a journalistic and prose Writer and Editor.

Videos games are ever evolving, whether you play on your commute, at home, in the park, with friends or alone, on your phone or console, games are a part of our everyday lives.

As the medium has become increasingly sophisticated, so too have the people playing them. They demand more from a gaming experience. Writing and designing for video games has become more important, which is where I can offer my skills.

I am currently available for full-time positions, as well as freelance and consultancy work.

My experience includes writing and designing at concept, development and live operations, and have worked on numerous projects at award-winning games studio, Mediatonic.

Having focused on prose, game narrative and interactive experiences within my degree, I graduated with a 1st Class degree in BA Combined English Literature & Creative Writing degree.