My over 6 years experience in the gaming and interactive fiction industry has given me the opportunity to work on multiple genres and platforms, collaborating with world acclaimed publishers, like Square Enix, Lionhead and Warner Bros. Entertainment, as wall as award-winning game creators,, such as The Oliver Twins and Mediatonic.

Many of my worked on projects are text based, focusing on player choice and consequence. These experiences are built using several interactive fiction programmes, such as Twine, InkleWriter, Quest and RichCast.

I have also edited and proofread several published short stories as well as an unpublished sci fi novel.

Unannounced Narrative Project
Audio Adventure
PC, iOS, Android

- Used a bespoke creative platform for the project, having created the experience from pitch to implementation stage for an audio narrative.

- Wrote a 200+ page script of a free roam, adventure narrative.

- Combined interactive and divergent story elements, based on actions and choices controlled by the player through cutting-edge audio technology.

- Consulted and designed features for the platform, covering the toolset and user experience.

PC Building Simulator
Simulation Game

- Conducted internal player feedback for improved design and visual iteration.

- Written Design and implementation documentation for implementation and worked with Designers to achieve a balanced progression system.

- Implemented and tested 100+ 3D assets within Unity.

- Onboarding new team members, including through presentations and tutorials.

Fable Fortune
Collectible Card Game
PC, Xbox One

- Working with Designers and QA to setup, implement and reiterate the functions of new cards and their abilities.

- Setup gameboard events and playtested with Designers.

- Translated desired Design from documentation to in-game content.

Yahtzee! With Buddies
iOS, Android

- Created and implemented dialogue and character biographies for character collection feature.

- Worked with the internal art team to implement over a thousand new and updated vanity items during the live operations.

- Managing Investigated and fixed live game issues in house and then communicating them to the international LiveOps team.

Fantastic Beasts: Cases From the Wizarding World
Hidden Object Game
iOS, Android

- Responsible for crucial parts of the content pipeline for the project during development and for live updates.

- Responsible for the creation and implementation of the characters, levels and mini-games.​

- On-boarded new starters onto the project, managing their work and training them.

Heavenstrike: Rivals
Tactical RPG/Collectible Card Game
PC, iOS, Android

- Pitched lore and narrative features, and wrote several character biographies and lore entries.

- Contributed to the rebalance of various characters and skills as the meta evolved.

- Created and maintained over 800 characters and skills during the game's live operations.

- Managed and scripted the design of animations and VFX of characters and their skills.

- Collaborated character setup for characters from world-renown video game series, such as Final Fantasy, Lara Croft, Deus Ex, and manga series, such as Fullmetal Alchemist.

You're Killing It! - A Stand-Up Comedy Experience
Interactive Fiction

- Play as a person struggling with their dreams to be a stand-up comedian, narrated by me!

- 40,000+ words, with 9 different endings, created using Twine.

- Several forking pathways, culminating in a final performance, decided by the choices you've made throughout the game.